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Under a Blood Red Sky – tribute concert, June 5, 2008

The U2 tribute band Under a Blood Red Sky played a special concert June 5, 2008 at the Gothic Theatre. For those of us who couldn’t attend, here is a summary of the performance from manager Brent Cranmer:

The show at the Gothic Theatre was amazing. We had a fantastic production with
several hundred U2 fans. Under A Blood Red Sky was introduced to the crowd
by replaying Barry Fay’s original introduction from the original Live At Red
Rocks video. With the concert under way, Under A Blood Red Sky recreated the
original Red Rocks show (complete with the original torches) to commemorate
the 1983 Red Rocks event.

As the crowd chanted to 40, original scenes from the 1983 video played on
the giant screen along with clips from Under A Blood Red Sky’s performance
of the same from our August 21, 2007 sell out at Red Rocks.

As UABRS retook the stage, the fans were treated to all of U2’s greatest
hits, including a special performance of Red Hill Mining Town with Xiren
accompanying the band on guitar and then as Bono for All I Want Is You.

Fans, young and old, were treated to a U2 concert experience of a life

Full set list:
1. Out Of Control
2. Ah Cat Dubh
3. Surrender
4. Two Hearts Beat As
5. Sunday Bloody
6. Electric CO.
7. New Year’s Day
8. Gloria
9. Party Girl
10. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
11. I Will Follow
12. 40
13. Elevation
14. Beautiful Day
15. Vertigo
16. Zoo Station
17. The Fly
18. Mysterious Ways
19. Red Hill Mining Town
20. All I want Is You
21. Where the Streets Have No Name
22. Pride
23. Bad
24. Bullet the Blue Sky
25. With or Without


Another look at the U2 Red Rocks concert June 5, 1983

A great post on the U2 Red Rocks concert at

Here is an excerpt:
“I once posed this question over at Lullaby Pit: If your fairy godmother appeared and offered to send you on a trip to any place humans have ever been at any moment that has occurred in your lifetime, what moment would you choose?

I began my own answer this way:

If I could go back to one event that occurred in my lifetime, I’d set the dial on the time machine to June 5, 1983, and point it toward Morrison, Colorado, the site of U2’s famous Red Rocks concert. I’ve seen footage from just about all of the legendary concerts ever staged, and while I guess you could never know for sure without being there, I’ve always imagined that U2 at Red Rocks might well have been the greatest rock show in history.

And ended this way:

You had the right band in the right venue before the right crowd at the precise second that all the gods of art and earth and sky leaned in and infused the moment with transcendence and immortality. Those who were there – and this number includes one of my former roommates – they were blessed, and I will envy them until I die.”

KCUV radio Red Rocks broadcast

I just have to say this is a wonderful program to have on today, the 25th anniversary of the U2 Red Rocks Show. See posts below for a link to listen live. I’m sitting in my public library in a small town in Canada enjoying this immensely. I can hardly wait for the DVD in August.

Now Playing…

Artist Song Title Time Played
U2 I Threw A Brick (live at Red Rocks) 2:27 PM

Previous Songs Played

Artist Song Title Time Played
U2 New Year’s Day (live at Red Rocks) 2:22 PM
U2 October (live at Red Rocks) 2:19 PM
U2 Sunday, Bloody Sunday (live at Red Rocks) 2:13 PM
U2 Seconds (live at Red Rocks) 2:10 PM
U2 Surrender (live at Red Rocks) 2:05 PM

Red Rocks video intro secret.

The U2 Live at Red Rocks show on right now just had an interview with one of the producers for the video Under a Blood Red Sky. He stated that the helicopter pilot was unable to take off from Denver due to the horrible weather. After he said how badly he needed the shot for the introduction to the video, the pilot suggested putting the helicopter on a truck and driving it to another location. This was accomplished, the helicopter got airborne and the shot was in the can as they say. See the image below. I’m a pilot and I wouldn’t have flown in that weather.

Red rocks intro

In case anyone is wondering, the music from the intro is “Theme From Harry’s Game” by Clannad.

U2 Live at Red Rocks-Under a Blood Red Sky – soundtrack broadcast live this afternoon

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of U2’s “Under A Blood Red Sky,” 102.3 KCUV (click to listen live) will replay the soundtrack from the video in the 2 p.m. hour (Denver time) on Thursday, June 5, interspersed with stories from KCUV listeners who attended the show.

From the Denver Examiner

Great article on U2 Live at Red Rocks Concert

There’s a great article at the Denver Examiner today written by a music writer who was at the U2 Red Rocks concert 25 years ago today. He relates the events the day of the show and his memories of the concert itself. Great reading.

40 – U2 Live at Red Rocks – June 5, 1983

The final song at Red Rocks on June 5, 1983 was “40”. Bono remarks in “U2 by U2” that at the end of every concert in the War tour, the crowd would sing the refrain “How long to sing this song? How long to sing this song?” However that night, the crowd was both small and freezing and no one was singing until their tour manager Dennis Sheehan grabbed a mike, hid behind the barrier and tried to get the crowd to sing, which they slowly did.

Tomorrow, a few last comments.