U2 Live at Red Rocks DVD

After a series of false starts, the U2 Live at Red Rocks DVD will be released September 30, 2008 in both Europe, the U.S. and Canada. This is entirely appropriate as the 25th anniversary is this summer and other earlier U2 albums have been remastered and are now available.

5 tracks have been added to the DVD that were not on the original VHS version ‘U2 Live at Red Rocks – Under a Blood Red Sky’. The video has been remastered and the sound mix is now 5.1
Here is a listing of the DVD tracks:

The ‘Live At Red Rocks’ tracklisting is:

‘Out Of Control’
‘An Cat Dubh’
‘Into The Heart’
‘Two Hearts Beat As One’
‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’
‘The Electric Co’
‘New Year’s Day’
‘I Threw A Brick Through A Window’
‘A Day Without Me’
‘Party Girl’
’11 O’Clock Tick Tock’
‘I Will Follow’


U2 Live at Red Rocks DVD - Under a Blood Red Sky


11 responses to “U2 Live at Red Rocks DVD

  1. Well it’s about fucking time. This is one of the greatest concert films ever made, second perhaps only to Talking Heads’ “Stop Making Sense.” The setting, Red Rocks ampitheater near Denver, is a spectacular geological setting, with wind, fog, gas torches producing gigantic gouts of flame high above the audience, and mountain air chilly enough to show clouds of vapor pouring off Bono’s skin. As for U2’s performance, well, this was at a time (1983) when they were just moving beyond cult status and into rock superstardom, yet were still retaining enough of their keening punk purity to drive an audience into rapture.

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  4. I used to have this on video and as we all moved on to better media it was one of those things I always meant to get again but never did get round to doing. I was half watching some mundane concert not long back, so mundane I can’t even recall who it was when I found myself thinking ‘ Now U2 live at Red Rocks, there was a concert!!’ Atmospheric, charged and the band giving it full on. I immediately resolved to get it there and then, but hey thank fuck they are doing this re-master, at least that’s what I assume it is? I’ll be buying a copy, you should too and then you can leave a comment somewhere saying ‘ Shit! That’s one concert I wish I coulda been at’ etc etc

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  11. Yeah, I too had this concert on VHS and have waited a long fuckin time for this release. I had the fuckin thing rockin so hard that my wife stormed outta the house. That made things ever better cuz I really got things going over some beer, smokes and Gentleman Jack. Good times, just like back in the VHS days of this film.

    Anybody getting any camera streaks on their copy of the film? I don’t remember seeing the streaks on the VHS. I assume that it’s a mastering error.


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