Red Rocks Set List

1. Intro

2. Out Of Control

3. Twilight

4. An Cat Dubh

5. Into The Heart

6. Surrender

7. Two Hearts Beat As One

8. Seconds

9. Sunday Bloody Sunday

10. The Electric Co.

11. October

12. New Year’s Day

13. I Threw A Brick Through A Window

14. A Day Without Me

15. Gloria

16. Party Girl

17. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock

18. I Will Follow

19. 40


7 responses to “Red Rocks Set List

  1. great site…thanks for the set list. i myself am counting down the days til the dvd release! i have so many memories of watching the tape at my friends place circa 1985…she would press pause on bono and i would pause on larry… naturally i’m all grown up now and wouldn’t dream of doing anything so obsessive (much).

  2. No reason to wait until August when you can go see the entire June 5th, 1983 show recreated by Denver’s own acclaimed U2 tribute, Under A Blood Red Sky on June 5, 2008 at the Gothic Theatre. See for details.

  3. vincitomniaveritas

    According to the U2 Live book U2 played “I Fall Down” after “The Electric Co.”

  4. There’s also “The Cry” after Sunday, Bloody, Sunday.

  5. I am looking forward to this DVD because I was there! My friends and I, stood in the pouring rain for that show. The Alarm and the Divinyls were actually slated to appear but did not because of the weather.
    Probably the best concert I have ever been too period! An amazing concert and captured U2 like no other.
    U2 did a free show the next night at McNichols Arena in Denver if you brought your ticket stub.

  6. what, the name of the song intro. who´s sing this beauty song?
    thank you and sorry my english

  7. According the liner notes from the Deluxe CD/DVD, there was a camera malfunction during ‘I Fall Down’ that rendered it ‘unusable.’

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