Another look at the U2 Red Rocks concert June 5, 1983

A great post on the U2 Red Rocks concert at

Here is an excerpt:
“I once posed this question over at Lullaby Pit: If your fairy godmother appeared and offered to send you on a trip to any place humans have ever been at any moment that has occurred in your lifetime, what moment would you choose?

I began my own answer this way:

If I could go back to one event that occurred in my lifetime, I’d set the dial on the time machine to June 5, 1983, and point it toward Morrison, Colorado, the site of U2’s famous Red Rocks concert. I’ve seen footage from just about all of the legendary concerts ever staged, and while I guess you could never know for sure without being there, I’ve always imagined that U2 at Red Rocks might well have been the greatest rock show in history.

And ended this way:

You had the right band in the right venue before the right crowd at the precise second that all the gods of art and earth and sky leaned in and infused the moment with transcendence and immortality. Those who were there – and this number includes one of my former roommates – they were blessed, and I will envy them until I die.”


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