U2 Red Rocks DVD – Initial Review

“What can I say really, what can I say? You know at first we wanted to make this film in the sunshine here at Red Rocks, then we realized that would be very wrong for this group…. This is what’s right for this group and this film, this film’s going all over the world as a record of tonight…. You want to say hello to Japan? Say hello to Japan!” – Bono

Out of Control, Twilight, An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart

The first four tracks on the Live at Red Rocks DVD. The first four songs in the concert. All previously unreleased.

The U2 Live at Red Rocks DVD is a fantastically remastered release.

The VHS release was missing 5 songs from the concert and the first track on the VHS tape was Surrender which is fourth on the DVD.

To see the concert from the beginning, starting with the incredible energy of the band in Out of Control, is a real treat.

The Edge has done a fantastic job on the remastering and regrading on this project. The 5.1 sound mix makes the original release in” VHS hi-fi Stereo” sound like the crap it really was.

I’ve listened to portions of the director’s commentary and it’s fascinating. Among his comments, he thanked the helicopter pilot and crew for getting into the air for the aerial shots for the intro and the concert. Unfortunately, the helicopter pilot, Peter Peelgrane, died in 1995 as a result of injuries suffered in a crash in 1992.

Another review coming a bit later.


4 responses to “U2 Red Rocks DVD – Initial Review

  1. IMO, the laserdisc sounds MUCH better than the dvd.

  2. Well, the sound is loads better than the VHS. Not hard to beat that. I’ve listened to the soundboard recording of the concert in iTunes format and that really does kick butt so to speak.


    This is a FREIGHT TRAIN of a concert!! It crescendos awesomely into a perfect concert. the ONLY thing missing is, in ELECTRIC CO., (song and vid) ‘they’ took out a major chunk of song when bono (to the tune of ‘send in the clowns’) ad-libs as he goes up into the crowd on top of a spotlight hut – probably due to copyright [ singin’ someone else’s song ]. A good example of what he did was at the US Festival. The edit and gap of those 5 minutes aren’t seen by the ‘surface-fans’ eyes, but the u2 purist should have the total concert with the ‘COMPLETE’ song and flow. This is a great package…Greg Wigler’s photos in the bookette are great and, at the beginning of the vid, bono’s hair is wild! BAMmGRAPHICS & illustrationISM suggests you take the Barry Fey Express and get/see this vid!

  4. I would to know if that’s possible to know if there were other groups playing in first part of the concert of 1983? and if someone can tell who…. thanks a lot!


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