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Gloria – U2 Live at Red Rocks

“Gloria” features great performances from all band members. Number 16 on the set list at Red Rocks. It is featured on the CD “Under a Blood Red Sky” as well as the VHS production. It was the last song before the encores at the Red Rocks concert. The band puts a lot of energy into this one. My favorites are the Edge at 1:13 and Bono at 2:59 with “Hey, this is Red Rocks” followed by his intros of Adam and the Edge.

Monday, “Party Girl”


A Day Without Me – U2 Live at Red Rocks

“A Day Without Me” was number 15 on the set list at Red Rocks. Again, it is on the VHS release of “Under a Blood Red Sky” Live at Red Rocks, but no clips are online. Here again is a performance from Werchter, Belgium the previous summer.

Tomorrow,  U2’s huge hit “Gloria”.

I Threw A Brick Through A Window – U2 Live at Red Rocks

“I Threw A Brick Through A Window” – Number 14 on the Red Rocks set list. Although this was released on “Under a Blood Red Sky” on VHS, no one seems to have uploaded it. Here is an outdoor version again from Werchter Belgium July 4, 1982.

Tomorrow, “A Day Without Me”

New Year’s Day – Live at Red Rocks – U2

“New Year’s Day” is my all time favorite U2 song. I purchased the “War” LP in the summer of 1983, too late to catch any nearby concerts on that tour. This live version is one of the high points from Red Rocks. Edge’s piano and guitar work are fantastic (starting at 3:00). You can hear the crowd cheer in the background as he switches from the piano back to the guitar. Great performance by all the band members.

I’m unable to embed this clip but here’s the link to it:

U2- New Year’s Day – Live at Red Rocks

Tomorrow, “I Threw a Brick Through a Window”

October – U2 – Live at Red Rocks

October – From the Boy album. Number 12 on the Red Rocks set list. Not one of U2’s higher energy concert songs, but it is followed up at the concert by “New Years Day” – my personal favorite. Check back tomorrow.

U2 Live at Red Rocks DVD – U.S. release date announced

Great news for all U2 fans! The long awaited U.S. release of the U2 Live at Red Rocks DVD has finally been announced. August 19, 2008.

However, since the European release is July 7, 2008, some of us probably won’t wait and may order from the UK instead. Check the link above for specifics on the versions available in various countries.

I Fall Down – Under a Blood Red Sky

Number 11 on the Red Rocks Set list. Unreleased on the CD and VHS release. I was not able to find this one from the Red Rocks concert but here is a clip from an outdoor concert in Werchter, Belgium July 4, 1982.

Tomorrow, October – Live at Red Rocks