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This blog is a tribute to the U2 Red Rocks concert June 5, 1983. While that may seem like ancient history, I think it’s worth a mention. My first U2 purchase was the “War” LP in 1983. The most recent was the “Live at Red Rocks” VHS tape, in new condition, still in the wrapper. I haven’t seen the band in concert yet and that remains a goal. Please feel free to leave any of your own comments. Thanks.

Special thanks to Bibien1 for finding and posting these clips.


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  1. I’ve been thinking a bunch about the 25th anniversary of this epic concert. I was 13 at the time, and just learning about U2. My mother didn’t allow me to go to the concert because of the bad weather! Anyhow…the story seems to get better each time I tell it. Check out this article today in the denver post about the show and a few stories behind this amazing event: http://www.denverpost.com/entertainment/ci_9337548


    25th Anniversary Celebration of U2’s Red Rocks Performance

    Channel 93.3 and 103.5 The Fox presents “Under A Blood Red Sky” live at The Gothic Theatre on Thursday June 5, 2008, at 8:00 PM. U2 tribute band, Under A Blood Red Sky, will recreate the U2 Live at Red Rocks concert in its entirety, 25 years to the day, to celebrate U2’s legendary performance from June 5, 1983.

    According to Billy “Bono” Bunting, this concert has been 2+ years in the making. “From the minute we left the stage after our first performance at the Paramount, we’ve been planning for this event,” expressed Bunting. “We had hoped to have an encore performance this June at Red Rocks after our August 2007 sellout at Film on the Rocks, but this event will be just as epic…unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it rainy, cold and foggy in The Gothic like it was 25 years ago at Red Rocks,” joked Bunting. While the weather is guaranteed to be perfect inside The Gothic Theatre on June 5th, Under A Blood Red Sky will ensure that every other aspect of the original performance will be 100% authentic – complete with matching wardrobe, 3 white flags, large War album banner, and even a replica torch that was a signature mark of the 1983 show.

    Even though the 25th Anniversary Celebration will concentrate on U2’s early 1980 classics, Under A Blood Red Sky will also morph into every other era of U2’s historic career as well. From hits such as With or Without You to Vertigo, Under A Blood Red Sky will be sure to provide a great U2 concert experience for fans old and new, including guest performances with Xiren (www.xiren.net). Tickets are available at http://www.gothictheatre.com through Ticketmaster.

    Under A Blood Red Sky is an acclaimed U2 tribute band from Denver, CO that passionately recreates authentic U2 concerts covering the War tour in 1983 to present day. Visit http://www.uabrs.com for more details.

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