Memories of U2 at Red Rocks

Here’s a great first person account of the U2 Concert at Red Rocks, June 5, 1983. If you were there and would like to share your memories here, please leave a short comment below and I’ll contact you. Thanks.
Memories of U2 at Red Rocks
I graduated high school in 1981, here in Colorado Springs.
I had already caught U2 on it’s first tour at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, Co. and, the October tour as well here. I still have the set list for the U2 Boy tour which includes, “I Will Follow” played twice that evening!
I was also in a band and, we we’re covering alot of U2 tunes at the time so, seeing them made it that much more exciting and , important to us too!
We had camped out for our tickets for the Red Rocks show. That’s how you used to do it back in the day if you wanted good seats. We got general admission tickets which meant we could get close to the stage ,if we got up there early enough.
I went to the concert with my friends piled up in my ,73 Camaro LT, with 8track player still! LOL
We we’re very psyched about the show. The weather was terrible, it was raining and it was very cold. Red Rocks really doesn’t have any shelter. I really thought they we’re going to cancel the concert because it was raining so hard that day.
It ended up that the Alarm and the Divinyls did not go on as scheduled. Finally, U2 hit the stage and
I think was surprised at how many people were still there in attendance.
U2 had us in the palm of their hands that evening. They played with so much emotion and, seemed like they we’re out to prove something too. The crowd loved all the “War” material and, I enjoyed hearing songs from, ”October.”
We happened to be in the first 20 rows. I had my Mod raincoat with me, because I was bootlegging the show, with my cassette recorder! I still have the tape but, haven’t listened to it in ages.
The lights at Red Rocks and ,the fog made for such an incredible sight.
Also, Bono was waving a flag around and it made for such an incredible visual too.
The songs I remember the most we’re, New Years Day, Party Girl, I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday.
I have been too alot of great shows and, every band has one of them in them but, I will always remember this show because U2 did’nt have to play this show, they could have packed it in.
The fact that they came out and, wore their hearts on their sleeve and, made us apart of the experience was special and gained them that much more respect.
Also, they played the next night at McNichols Arena for free! All you had to do was to bring your ticket stub in!
I was glad I was there, I am looking forward to the new DVD release and, that concert will always be special because not everyone was at that particular show. There are some shows that are legendary and the U2 at Red Rocks is up there with the greats!
Thanks for letting me put more than my 2 cents worth! LOL
Dave Arvizu

4 responses to “Memories of U2 at Red Rocks

  1. Great hearing about this concert from someone who saw that show first hand! Though I’m a little younger than you (about 10 years) that is an amazing record which was always really inspirational to hear. I’m always bummed that Adam Clayton gets so little applause when he is introduced – that’s the life of a bass player : ) Anyways, thanks for the first hand account.


  2. The concert at Red Rocks an the album Under a blood red sky is a part of my youth. I was 18 years that time and upon today i still embrace the concert. Funny thing, my 13 year old daughter now plays the concert on here iPod. Tommorow at our local recordstore i will get my pre-order DVD of the concert, can’t wait.

  3. Bridget Jentzsch

    That was by far the most amazing concert I have ever been too. It was magical. The bonfires on top of the rocks, the misting rain, the lights of Denver in the background, the helicopters. Wow. I can’t believe I was there. Thanks U2 for a great memory!

  4. Angel of justice

    What a magical night that was. It forged who, and what I am today-

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