U2 Show Still Echoes at Red Rocks – Denver Post

A great story on the U2 concert at Red Rocks from the Denver Post

Be sure to read the story as there are lots of great details on the concert from those involved with it.

Some quotes;

It was no accident that U2 chose Red Rocks as the location for their live video experiment, an outing that cost the band their life savings, they said at the time.

Looking back at the 25-year-old footage, it’s amazing how powerful it remains. The band couldn’t have purchased those kinds of special effects: The sleety mist softened all the edges, and the steam coming out of Bono’s mouth with each word gave the footage an otherworldly feel.

“One person remarked that it was a religious experience, and it was,” said Greg Wigler, one of three professional photographers at the show. “The show was way beyond anything I’d seen before.”

Fans agreed. “Under a Blood Red Sky” is the all-time best-selling recording in the U.K. Fey jokes that he recouped his investment very quickly.

“But had it been another 78 degree day, it would have been just another concert,” Fey said. “Instead it was an amazing concert. You knew you were seeing some kind of history. I stood alone at the side of the stage, and my feet were locked. I couldn’t go anywhere.”


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